February 23, 2019

Rocking Out With The FlexFit Sisters

Rockout Fitness at Rockwell Atletica (photo by Brian Yalung)

by Brian Yalung

Staying fit and getting that perfectly chiseled body takes a lot of hard work. It all boils down to the proper workout anyone gets into and Rockout Fitness intends to guide both men and women towards obtaining that goal.

Rockout Fitness is a series of events that hope to lead anyone towards a healthy lifestyle. It is backed by Fitique and Rockwell Atletica, partnering to gather together girls from different communities. For now, they are targeting the women who live around BGC, Makati and the Rockwell area. These participants can initially join the sessions hosted at Rockwell Atletica before eventually finding the right gym where they can do regular workouts.

“Yun naman yung goal ng Flex Fit, actually to connect the girls from different establishments. It’s basically gonna be an introduction of Fitique and Rockwell to the girls,” said Kimmy Manginsay of FlexFit PH who also manages the event.

The event will initially open doors to women although Kimmy explains that the workouts are also open to men.

“It’s an all women’s community but from time to time there are men who join. That’s fine with us because what’s the point of the community? It’s meant to create change naman,” she explains.

Carla Piscoso, another key member of FlexFit PH who leads the workouts, added that the sessions are open to people from all walks of life.

“Some came from business, some came from marketing, some came from show business. So the idea here is having different women from different walks of life, coming together and empowering each other,” Carla said.

Actress Elle Rodriguez was one of the prominent faces in attendance at Rockwell Atletica when Rockout Fitness launched. She explained how it is important to find time to stay fit even with a busy schedule.

“I truly believe that in fitness, you have to make time. There’s no such thing as you have no time. You need to make time for it because it’s your body and it’s also for your mental health,” Elle said.

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